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Let Love Blossom

Blossom Weddings designs and organises modern, stylish and elegant weddings. Blossom is an inspirational haven of calmness in the run-up to your ultimate dream wedding. 


Why a weddingplanner?

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    You’re busy with your job, families and social life and you’re structurally pressed for time. So how, when and where would you start?

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    You wish to have an amazing wedding with personal and unique elements. What are the options?

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    You wish to enjoy (the run-up to) your wedding date as carefree as possible. How can you prevent ending up in a rut?

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    You can imagine the bigger picture, but you just cannot spend every spare minute you have roaming the internet. How will you maintain efficiency?

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    You want all the guests to be able to enjoy your wedding day. Why would you then bestow the heavy burden of the master of ceremonies on your best friend?

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    You are expecting guests from abroad and/or you require assistance in organising a weekend wedding in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Forbes research
‘Wedding couples without a wedding planner spend an average of 10 hours per week – sometimes during working hours – on the organisation of their wedding.

photo: Liselore Stap

What I do for you

Blossom Weddings would like to serve as a stable factor going towards your wedding day.

Preparations are reduced to merely sparring about aspects of style or selecting proper suppliers from a shortlist. Your wedding day will have a professional plan of action, a detailed script for the big day itself and one person to supervise all that goes on.

This will ensure the period prior to the wedding day can be spent in a relaxed and relatively calm fashion, a stress-free time for you to enjoy.

Organising a unique wedding day – no matter if you invite 30 or 300 people – is nothing short of organising an event.

About Valerie

My name is Valerie Vliet, mother of two beautiful sons, in love with the most wonderful man and crazy about everything that has to do with weddings. I sincerely love celebrating love!

For couples to entrust me with the task to turn that day when their love for each other takes centre stage into a perfect one is such a special experience, I could never tire of that.

Does your wedding have an international touch? J’adore! Besides English and Dutch I am also fluent in French, I come from a background of marketing and communication in the international corporate world and I’m familiar with many different cultures and traditions.


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photography: Liselore Stap


Step 1

Initial meeting

Working together to realise your dream wedding means we will need to connect with each other, we need to have that special click. This is why we start off with a conversation, free from any obligations, to get acquainted and to discuss your wishes and ideas.

Step 2

Personal proposal

Once we establish that mutual understanding, then I will gladly draw up a tailor-made personal proposal for you. If you consider it favourable to engage Blossom Weddings as your wedding planner, I will immediately get to work for you towards your goal.

photography: Liselore Stap
Step 3

Making plans together

I will process all the different stages in the planning of your wedding in a professional planning tool. This tool will include the to-do items, appointments, planning and status, all of which will be up-to-date. During our meetings we will go through the planning and tick all the boxes as appropriate. This is how we will calmly and gradually work towards your wedding day.


Cherry Blossom

Master of Ceremonies

Everybody will be able to enjoy your wedding day to the full extent, even your best friend or your sister. On your big day, Blossom Weddings will relieve you from all coordinative tasks and ensure everything runs smoothly and to perfection.

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    Initial meeting, free from obligations (no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding date)

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    Drawing up and managing the time table.

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    Go through all the details with suppliers.

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    Master of Ceremonies on the wedding day: present for 12 hours

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    Point of contact for your guests and suppliers on the wedding date.

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    Any unexpected events on the wedding day will be solved.

Apple Blossom

Wedding Planning

Blossom Weddings will support you from A to Z in planning and organising your wedding. Your wishes and ideas are converted into a total concept, consisting of a plan of action and a script. On the date itself, I will be present to serve as your master of ceremonies.

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    Everything from Cherry Blossom

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    Drawing up a shortlist to select a location.

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    Meetings to discuss details and render advice.

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    Developing and tailoring the concept in further detail, including mood board and styling plan.

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    Introducing and engaging appropriate suppliers (catering, florists, photographer/videographer, music, stationary, styling, animation, etc.)

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    Contact person between you and the engaged suppliers

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    Budget monitoring.

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    Handling and safeguarding wedding gifts and rented materials after the wedding.

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Wedding Styling

You already have an idea what your wedding should look like, or perhaps you have no idea at all yet. Blossom will ensure all the elements of your wedding day intertwine in the most beautiful way, painting the perfect visual picture.

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    Taking stock of your wishes after getting acquainted.

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    Contacting suppliers, inquiring about availability and prices.

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    Create your envisioned wedding concept, to serve as a baseline for all the items and settings to be arranged in your desired style.

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    Provide for styling of the venue, the ceremony, the sweet table, the dinner tables and fitting flower arrangements.

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    Coordinate setup and dismantling.

I will gladly draw up a tailor-made personal offer for you


Jelle and Marieke

Pastel Chique Wedding

Portugal, May 2015

Mariska and Hans

Colourful Bliss Wedding

Kamerik, September 2017

Sander and Judith

True Blue Wedding

Willemstad, June 2014


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